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HUAPACK Zipper Doypack Packing Machine for Nuts in Iran

2021-08-11 23:32

Introduction:We are thrilled to share a success story featuring our valued Iranian client who ventured into the world of packaging technology for their nut products. This case study highlights our cutting-edge product, the HUAPACK Zipper Doypack Packing Machine, specifically the Roll Film Doypack Packing Machine (Model: HC-240SZ).

   Project Details:

    Product Name: Roll Film Doypack Packing Machine

    Model NO. & Qty: HC-240SZ, 1 Set

    Working Time: 9 hours per day

   Client's Journey:

    Our Iranian client embarked on the challenge of setting up packaging lines for their nut production. Initially exploring options from various machine manufacturers, they faced the complexity of selecting suitable packaging machines due to limited experience in packaging technology for their products.

  Choosing HUAPACK:

  After thorough negotiations and careful consideration, the Iranian customer made the pivotal decision to partner with HUAPACK. The choice of our company proved to be the right one for them, addressing their specific needs and concerns related to packaging technology.

Product Investment:

In 2020, they invested in the HC-240SZ continuous doypack machine, a solution that has been seamlessly integrated into their production processes and continues to be in active use.

Three Years of Positive Experience:

Over the course of three years, our Iranian client has had an overwhelmingly positive experience with HUAPACK's packaging machines. The success is evident in several aspects: Technological Development: Our machines have kept pace with the evolving technological landscape, ensuring the client's operations remain efficient and up-to-date. Responsive Service Department: The responsiveness of our service department has been a key factor in providing timely support and addressing any concerns the client may have had. Supply of Spare Parts: The consistent supply of spare parts has further solidified the reliability of HUAPACK's packaging solutions, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous production.


This case study underlines how HUAPACK's Zipper Doypack Packing Machine (HC-240SZ) has played a pivotal role in the success of our Iranian client's nut packaging operations. We remain committed to delivering innovative and reliable packaging solutions that contribute to the growth and efficiency of our clients.

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