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Screw Feeding Machine

Tube diameter: 89-168mm
Volume: 1-10m3 
Power: 0.55-2.2kw

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Product Description

The vibrating screw feeding machine can lift many kinds of powder materials. It can be matched with the packaging machine. It can also be used in other occasions. Except for the motor, bearing and frame, the rest are made of stainless steel (can also be customized).

The feeding machine motor can move in reverse direction to facilitate cleaning. The feed- ing pipe diameter can also be customized with partition design according to special require- ments to facilitate disassembly.

Technical Parameters:

Max. speed65p/m65p/m120p/m50p/m
Power supply380V 50HZ
Height of stock bin850mm950mm950mm950mm
Height of discharge hole1.6m1.8m1.8m2m
Stock bin volume110L230L230L230L
HUAPACK 4 Core Advantages
- To be a world-renowned high-end packaging machinery brand -
  • 1000+
    • · Sold to 80 countries
    • · Won the praise of customers in the world
    • · Multiple long-term cooperative distributors
    • · HUAPACK Machine are widely used in automatic packaging pro-duction lines for food, beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, health products, etc.
  • 40+
    qualification certificate
    • · 24 types of technical patent certificates
    • · ISO Certificate for production
    • · CE Certificate and many others
    • · Strict quality control system
  • 5000㎡
    Plant area
    • · High-tech enterprise
    • · The total investment is 20 million RMB
    • · 6S workshop management
    • · Whole line packaging solution
  • 10+ years
    of industry experience
    • · 10+ technical R&D teams
    • · Comprehensive after-sales service system
    • · Global installation available
    • · 24/7 packing machine service support
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