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Multi-head Weighers

Weighing range: 10-3000g
Weighing accuracy: x(0.5)
Max.Speed: 120ppm
Operator interface: 7" Touch Screen

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Product Description

Scope of application:

Suitable for quantitative weighing of various materials such as candy, melon seeds, jelly, frozen, pet food, puffed food, pis- tachios, peanuts, nuts, almonds, sultanas and other leisure foods, large shell nuts, hardware, plastic glue granules and other granular, flaky, strip, round and irregular shapes

Equipment features:

  1. 1.6L/2.5L hopper, suitable for all common standard materials, wide range of adaptation
  2. Uniform design standards and the use of mould making techniques for greater interchangeability of individual components
  3. The cast aluminium thickened overall centre base enhances the strength of the machine and the weighing stabilisation time is shorter.
  4. Optional weighing type material detection, accurate control of filling time and material thickness, ensuring weighing accuracy

Technical Parameters:

Weighing range10-1000g10-1500g10-1500g10-3000g10-3000g
Weighing accuracyx(0.5)x(0.5)x(0.5)x(1)x(1)
Max. speed65p/m65p/m120p/m50p/m80p/m
Hopper volume1.6/2.5L1.6/2.5L1.6/2.5L1.6/2.5L1.6/2.5L
Operator interface7 inch touch screen
Dive typeStepper motor
Power supply220V/10A    1000W50/60hz220V/10A    1200W50/60hz220V/10A    1500W50/60hz220V/10A    1200W50/60hz220V/12A    1500W50/60hz
Size mm1620*1100*11101660*1100*11201700*1100*12651950*1280*16902195*1380*1810
HUAPACK 4 Core Advantages
- To be a world-renowned high-end packaging machinery brand -
  • 1000+
    • · Sold to 80 countries
    • · Won the praise of customers in the world
    • · Multiple long-term cooperative distributors
    • · HUAPACK Machine are widely used in automatic packaging pro-duction lines for food, beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, health products, etc.
  • 40+
    qualification certificate
    • · 24 types of technical patent certificates
    • · ISO Certificate for production
    • · CE Certificate and many others
    • · Strict quality control system
  • 5000㎡
    Plant area
    • · High-tech enterprise
    • · The total investment is 20 million RMB
    • · 6S workshop management
    • · Whole line packaging solution
  • 10+ years
    of industry experience
    • · 10+ technical R&D teams
    • · Comprehensive after-sales service system
    • · Global installation available
    • · 24/7 packing machine service support
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