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Table Counting Device

Capacity: 5-80g
Weighing accuracy: x(0.5)
Max.Speed: 80ppm
Air pressure: 0.6mpa

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Product Description

This machine adopts the most advanced tech- nology of electronic counter. It can be used for count- ing and packing tablets (including special-shaped tablets), hard capsules, soft capsules (various forms of transparent and opaque) pills and other solid particles in the range of 3-12 mm. Bottling, packaging and bagging. Fully in line with the requirements of GMP, especially suitable for research institutions, hospitals, new small pharmaceutical companies, health care products factory.

Technical Parameters:

Channel quantity4 channel8 channel12 channel16 channel
Filling article

0~5# capsule  soft capsule、Φ5.5 ~ 12  tablet、mishaped tablet、 sugar coated tablet,Φ3 ~ 12 pills

Capactiy5 ~ 15ppm10 ~ 30ppm20 ~ 30ppm20 ~ 80ppm
Power supplyAC220V 50Hz 0.6kw
Accuracy rate>99.5%(better than the peer standard)
Size mm2100250025002500
Air Consumption0.6mpa0.6mpa0.6mpa0.6mpa
HUAPACK 4 Core Advantages
- To be a world-renowned high-end packaging machinery brand -
  • 1000+
    • · Sold to 80 countries
    • · Won the praise of customers in the world
    • · Multiple long-term cooperative distributors
    • · HUAPACK Machine are widely used in automatic packaging pro-duction lines for food, beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, health products, etc.
  • 40+
    qualification certificate
    • · 24 types of technical patent certificates
    • · ISO Certificate for production
    • · CE Certificate and many others
    • · Strict quality control system
  • 5000㎡
    Plant area
    • · High-tech enterprise
    • · The total investment is 20 million RMB
    • · 6S workshop management
    • · Whole line packaging solution
  • 10+ years
    of industry experience
    • · 10+ technical R&D teams
    • · Comprehensive after-sales service system
    • · Global installation available
    • · 24/7 packing machine service support
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