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Standard premade packing machine

Pouch type: doypack, flat pouch, zipper pouch, spouted pouch, 3-4 side sealing, shaped pouch
Filling volume: 30-4000 ml
Packaging speed: 60-180 bpm
Application: suitable for food, chemical, daily chemical, cosmetics and other industries of small and medium-sized high quality packaging requipments.

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Product Description

Standard premade packing machine:

The horizontal packaging machine is a high-quality packaging machine with fast packaging speed, and can also achieve three-side sealing, four-side sealing bag type flat bags, zipper bags, etc. , solid materials and other packaging requirements, equipped with flexible processing stations, which can automatically take bags, open bags, detect, fill, seal and other packaging processes. The bag-feeding model series is an economical and reasonable packaging choice.

premade pouch packing machine

Packaging sample bag

The bag feeder series is suitable for prefabricated stand-up pouches or flat pouches, prefabricated special-shaped stand-up pouches or special-shaped stand-up pouches, prefabricated standard stand-up pouches, prefabricated flat pouches or stand-up pouches with zipper function, prefabricated flat pouches or stand-up pouches with straight suction nozzles , or product packaging in prefabricated flat bags or stand-up bags with oblique nozzles.

Special instructions: according to the needs of users, inkjet printers, imprinting codes, vacuum equipment, feeding machines, post-packing cartoning machines, palletizing and depalletizing, vacuum feeding machines, bucket elevators, and dust collectors can be used together. , mixer and other equipment to form an operation line product Learn about prefabricated bag packaging machine / bag feeder horizontal film packaging machine, horizontal stand-up pouch packaging machine, double-out equipment packaging machine supporting equipment

Shanghai Huacheng Service Principle: The product warranty period is 12 months. During the warranty period, the supplier will repair and replace the parts damaged due to quality reasons for free. If the parts are damaged outside the warranty period, only the cost will be charged for the provided accessories. , the equipment damage caused by human factors of the buyer, according to the accessories repaired or provided by the supplier are calculated 

Packaging machine application range

HUAPACK 4 Core Advantages
- To be a world-renowned high-end packaging machinery brand -
  • 1000+
    • · Sold to 80 countries
    • · Won the praise of customers in the world
    • · Multiple long-term cooperative distributors
    • · HUAPACK Machine are widely used in automatic packaging pro-duction lines for food, beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, health products, etc.
  • 40+
    qualification certificate
    • · 24 types of technical patent certificates
    • · ISO Certificate for production
    • · CE Certificate and many others
    • · Strict quality control system
  • 5000㎡
    Plant area
    • · High-tech enterprise
    • · The total investment is 20 million RMB
    • · 6S workshop management
    • · Whole line packaging solution
  • 10+ years
    of industry experience
    • · 10+ technical R&D teams
    • · Comprehensive after-sales service system
    • · Global installation available
    • · 24/7 packing machine service support
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